About TechAlps

Having a decade of outdoor experience amidst nature and exploring new places, the team has decided with a strong desire to enable adventures and fitness for a healthy and happier life to individuals aspiring to get into the adventures and fitness world.

TechAlps perseverance to empower adventures and fitness to all by leading them to unexplored places to break the routine. We ensure a high level of safety in all adventures and fitness events along with immense respect all through the event. Along with adventures and fitness, we lead a path to embrace nature and culture thereby preserving it for future generations.

Sustainable adventures is a way of life at TechAlps. Being eco-friendly and leading with less carbon footprint is something we ensure in our events and set an example to fellow adventurers and travelers. We encourage locals and localities by generating jobs and business by organising events.

Why join events with TechAlps?

Perfect Group Size

We strive for quality and personalised attention for all the members. This ensures every member of the event is heard and is enjoying the trip or trek without any issues.

Trained Trek Leaders & Guides

Trekking with an experienced, trained leader & guide helps to maximise the safety and enjoyment of your trip or adventure. This is especially if your trip or trek is in an unexplored terrain.

Curated Itineraries

We believe, “Well planned is half done”. All our itineraries are well planned with years of experience to ensure the event process is smooth and enjoyable. We want our members to rest assured and enjoy the new land.


For TechAlps it’s Safety first and Summit Next. We ensure everyone is sound and fit all through the Trek, in mountains, it’s always prevention better than cure. We ensure we give consistent instructions all through the event to ensure everyone safety.

Knowledge Sharing & Learning

Everyone gets started with the outdoors at one point in life. We are here to guide and share with you all you need to know right from choosing the right gear until the successful summit.

Sustainable & Eco Friendly

Our passion for the outdoors is so strong we ensure we do follow the leave no trace policy and are very strict in littering and other green policies. We urge and ensure all our members follow these little guidelines to keep mountains clean.